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There are many versions of what ‘a balanced diet’ looks like. This is NOT just about the body but about the entire dream-life most call reality. Within the dream, the body ‘seems’ to have a very real presence and what one puts into it and how they take care of it [or not] ‘seems’ to result in this idea of ‘balance’ or imbalance. From a strictly dream awareness standpoint, the body manifests and ‘performs’ according to how close to this so-called balance it comes … and there is a very wide swath of differences in that regard – none etched in stone. The same is true of ALL the ‘experiences’ that the entire illusory body-mind-identity has, and insofar as this flow is concerned … it is directly related to one’s unique conditioning.

Only the ONE SELF ‘knows’ the perfect circumstances, from moment to moment, for every idiosyncrasy of the false self. What food to take in for one body is toxic to another … what choices to make in one’s life varies in the same way. When the mind attempts to analyse and figure out this so-called balance, it will always come up short. However, if the pristine ‘inner guidance’ the SELF offers is followed [call it intuition if you like], always … this ever-changing balancing-act will be perfectly aligned with the ‘one Purpose’ that you are here for – the full remembrance and experience ‘of’ the ONE SELF You Really Are.

#1 NEW RELEASE in 45-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads

"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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