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Your world is a dream you have dreamed into ‘being’. It is exclusively ‘your’ world and yours alone. No one [there really ‘are’ no others] has a world exactly like yours and many of these world’s are totally different than yours. These are the parallel universes you have heard about, but which interface your own. Your world is precisely sculpted to the designs that best depict the conditioning that you came in with. Your attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory [past] and imagination [future] are the architects, your thoughts the holographic paint brushes and your passions the life force. No matter how hard you try to ‘beautify’ your world it can never reach beyond these parameters.

For your world-dream to change, you have to change.

You are literally looking at yourself [false sef] when you play on this stage of dreams within dreams … every ‘thing’ and every ‘circumstance’ is you. Fortunately, this ‘you’ is not real either … judging it or your world simply states that you are unaware of this. It too is a product of your conditioning and no matter how beautiful [or not] your world is, it pales completely before the majestic splendor of the Real YOU … the SELF devoid of all veils and masks your conditioning wraps around your pretend ‘self’. You need DO nothing for the exquisite YOU to appear … you only need to ‘undo’ the conditioning and there IT is.

-image by Solveig Larsen

“THE GREAT SHIFT ‘explained”- The World You Have Known Is Collapsing. Here Is Why It’s a GIFT

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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