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A calm mind does not mean you are Free … Aware of Who You Really Are. The collective mind of humanity ‘is’ the cause behind the ‘appearance’ of the universal dream. It has temporarily ‘replaced’ the God-SELF [your Real identity] and projects never-ending manifestations through the illusion of time-space emanating from its belief in separation. Mind, in its true place, is the servant of the Heart or God-SELF. Thinking with the mind always functions at various level of chaos … some appearing relatively calm. Nevertheless, separation still persists … calmness does NOT dissolve this primary belief.

The Heart is the open conduit through which Truth enters, unfettered by the conditioning of the body-mind-identity. IT is the un-Knowing state ‘devoid’ of the bottomless archives of ideas, concepts, beliefs and the history of the mind that endlessly replicates more and more of the same discord. Using the mind to solve the minds dysfunctional manifestations is using a problem to solve a problem. The mind in the separated individual person is not Real and ‘cannot be fixed’.

Emptiness, the result of total surrender to the Unknown, is the portal through which ALL Knowing and ALL so-called needs arise when required. The answer is to ‘know’ Your God-SELF.

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