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In the last few days, as this is written [April 4th, 2022], a cycle that was associated with the fading dysfunctional patriarchy ended and a new cycle began. Cycles interface each other for a period of clock-time but there is a demarcation point and that point has been passed. Changing ‘ways and means’ are tied to a cycle in the manifestation of that phase and are a clear ‘marker’ that a cycle has made the SHIFT. From this point onward many experiences in the Grand Dream will begin to become ‘easier’ … for some, faster in clock-time than for others [so-called]. This is part of why this particular dream is referred to by some as the ‘Happy Dream’. It will still be an illusion [as are ALL dreams], but far more welcome than the last 11,000 years of dreaming.

If you are OPEN, you will find wonderful experiences falling into your lap and these could definitely be considered - ‘miraculous’.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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