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A ‘Real’ spiritual teacher ‘never’ places themselves above anyone or anything. They ‘know’ there ‘is’ only ONE SELF and as a result their communication is ‘always ‘extended ‘from’ IT ‘to’ IT. In this way they ‘never’ accept any ‘superior’ title and will often deny it, despite those that may follow them doing so. A ‘Real’ spiritual teacher ‘un-teaches’. They ‘know’ that all knowledge acquired by the false-self-identity is ‘learned ignorance’ and must eventually be let-go-of.

A ‘Real’ spiritual teacher ‘never’ tells anyone ‘what to do’ … they ‘point’ to who you are NOT and to the only ‘Real’ source of guidance - the Voice of Silence’ within. For one, eating meat may resonate while for another it is toxic … and both these states may change often as more and more ‘conditioning’ dissolves that hides Who They Really Are. A ‘Real’ teacher is an example of Peace [though they may be surrounded in chaos], Love [unconditioned], Abundance [though they may live an austere life], Freedom [though they may be in chains], Beauty [though they may occupy a broken body] and Joy [though sorrow may surround them].

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