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What you believe opens the possibility of ‘experience’ associated ‘with’ that belief. If your focused attention and ‘interest’ [passion] is sufficient, the likelihood of some kind of manifested experience that you may consider ‘real’ … is high. This is what many refer to as ‘creating your own reality’. However, whatever comes and goes [has a beginning and an ending] is NOT real but a temporary phenomena [no matter how long it lasts] within the Grand Dream that the world-universe is.

Most of humanity’s daily experience is an amalgam of a multitude of such beliefs ingrained in them from birth and accepted as ‘just the way life is’. Different cultures will have their own set of beliefs, which seem ‘etched in stone’ to them and often in complete opposition to other cultural belief and experiences. This constitutes the so-called normal experience of ‘contrasting and conflicting illusions’ in the dream most believe is real.

It is not until one has ridden this roller coaster to a point of exhausted frustration, finding no ‘real’ satisfaction that may be referred to as Peace, that the ‘turn within’ inevitably arises. The planet and humanity are now in such a phase that will touch virtually everyone at some point and they will either depart the body [unable to make the adjustment] or dive into the enormous opportunity this presents.



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