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The concept of achievement ranks high on the false self’s list of desirable life experiences. The educational system, the business and finance communities, the military, religion, the entertainment world … virtually every aspect of society offers praise, awards, glory, accolades and applause to those who stand out through some form of achievement. Even the spiritual community heralds the high-profile writers, speakers and leaders setting them apart as somehow ‘special’. This is a very thinly masked promotion of ‘separation’ that fosters isolation from the Loving Embrace of the ONE We Are.

The ‘natural’ expression of ONE-ness is Un-conditioned Love – unspoken far more than words as ‘how’ the Light of Life touches IT SELF. The false self feels ‘compelled’ to express praise for achievement or conversely withhold it in resentment, envy and bitterness depending on its unique conditioning.

When one approaches the Awareness of Who They Truly Are the concept of achievement turns upside-down as it relates to that which has been ‘dissolved from’ conditioning. This can easily be recognized by the ‘lightness’ with which one navigates the Grand Dream … an aspect of ‘Wholeness’ that ONE ‘is’, that does not in any way ‘need’ to somehow be ‘completed’ from outside IT SELF.

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