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When one is first ‘touched’ by the Truth that they are God - the SELF, there is usually an immediate reaction by the the false self that this means they should be acting in some ‘Divine’ manner that represents this is True and that they understand this Truth. The mind [with all its conditioning] then contrives a script depicting how one should ‘show-up’. This could be a display of peace or strength or stoic resilience to challenges. As often occurs, many immediately begin ‘teaching’ or set out on an odyssey to ‘fix’ this or that.

This is sinking even deeper into the Grand Dream while believing they have transcended it. The stage of illusions has a limitless supply of costumes, each more convincing and enticing than the last one that was stripped away by a ‘little burst’ of awareness.

Emptiness, Silence, Stillness … a sense of being ‘nothing’ are symptoms of the genuine recognition of Truth. It is not unusual for one who has ‘seen’ through the Heart to withdraw from the world for a period of ‘clock-time’ in order to assimilate the brilliant Light they Are and have perceived a little of.


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