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The glamour of the roller coaster ride, the juice and the zest has for eons made humanity tolerate the deep drops, the profound sorrows and the unimaginable grief that is the opposite swing of the pendulum. This is the very definition of ‘agony and ecstasy’. The agony must and eventually does override the ecstasy either through the destruction of the body or through surrender [the false self knows not what] - hopefully  ‘something’ greater than itself.

Surrender or genuine humility is a YES that allows Truth to enter and IT does so in precise equilibrium with what is ‘best’ – next for your Freedom. This can range from a moment of ‘sublime awareness’ to the unseen ability to ‘endure great suffering’… this is Grace [Love in action]. It does not comfort you as a victim as IT knows there is no such thing … only the belief in it due to the belief in separation where there seems to be highs and low – good and bad – agony and ecstasy.

Grace may take you totally out of your belief in a separated self or it may submerge you deep into the mirror of who you are NOT as a conditioned self – from euphoric ecstasy to deep agony. Whatever serves your highest good in the moment will be your experience … it need only be a genuine sincere YES to Truth and in this YES you are saying you are OPEN to the Unknown NO MATTER WHAT.

This is why each one must be at the end of their illusory rope before True surrender is possible. After, if you remain there, your Freedom is ‘certain’.


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