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Imagine a teeter-totter with two equally weighted subjects on either side pushing up and down. Look from the side and its obvious that one side is usually higher or lower than the other with a ‘moment’ when both are balanced in the continuous movement. This is exactly how the ‘influence’ of masculine and feminine continually interchange the entire universe and our world. When one influence is predominant, it becomes dysfunctional. As the two influences come to the mid-point of balance there is relative harmony.

That mid-point has just come into being for our planet and solar system and will exist for about 2,000 years. The dysfunctional influence [Divine Masculine [patriarchy] has almost totally collapsed and as you might expect in the closing moments of its final gasp of control, there is a lot of chaos and confusion … but, that will soon settle into the harmony of an Age of Peace and Light.

Hold on and if you can … ‘settle into’ the flow of the Beautiful experience that is quickly unfolding behind the scenes [but will soon be in full view]. ALL IS WELL.


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