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The world/universe is a mirror … for most, it reflects who they are NOT. As Awakening arises the Truth [SELF] YOU Are begins to shine through ‘chinks in the armour’ of illusion and you begin to become Aware of this Real YOU.

Humanity and the planet have entered the baby steps of a 2,000 year Age of Peace and Light after 12,000 years of Masculine dominance ending [as these longer phases always do] in a dysfunctional patriarchy or matriarchy. The collapse of ‘this’ phase is in full swing in this moment … as events around the world attest to.

It is the ‘contrast’ [some call good and evil] between Masculine and Feminine influences [spiking with extreme imbalance near each phase’s end] that offers expanded clarity for what is NOT real. The bulk of humanity has been ‘sleeping deeply’ and this contrast provides a severe ‘shaking’ that shocks most into the ‘first level’ of Awakening [of three levels] … that the world they thought was their reality - is NOT.

While this is a global phenomena playing out in ‘each major phase’ through some kind of unique narrative, this particular phase is centered around the USA and ripples out from there. For most to become aware of [and care about] this Awakening, events must be sufficiently dynamic to gain their ‘attention’ since the dream they have been having is so familiar [even in its often great discomfort].

To recognize the depth of the dysfunction that has been occurring for hundreds of years and completely controlling the lives of almost everyone on the planet, some powerful event needed to transpire that captured this long slumbering attention. In this case it has been the ‘theft of an election’ that played out on the world stage for all to witness. The perpetrators needed to be exposed in such a powerful way that no one could miss what occurred. This ‘is’ the core of the stimulus that is [at this moment] ‘forcing’ many to question how their reality has been hijacked in every way for their entire lifetime experience.

Many are still in deep denial of the powerful drama that is playing out, as it ‘seems’ one side of the ‘contrast’ has won out and life is returning to the abnormal-normal most call life. Nevertheless, the enormous tension that occurs at the end of an era ‘always’ erupts with sufficient force to disturb even the most stubborn sleeper. At this moment America is being led by two separate entities; a fake and illegal President [the solid evidence of this is monumental for those who search beyond the mainstream media], and the military that took the ligitimate reigns of control after the ‘required triggers’ in the Insurrection Act had taken place.

The legal winner of the election [still working behind the scenes] retained the Air Force One airplane and the nuclear codes while the military now ‘controls’ ALL the sensitive and significant ways and means in which the current usurper ‘could have’ destroyed the country. Additionally, the fake President is NOT allowed in the Pentagon and has NOT been given a governmental Secret Service detail. There are many more facts for those who wish additional proof that the election was rigged and the inauguration a fake [seen in Europe hours before it occurred as a CGI - Hollywood illusion].

This action-packed drama is just the tip of the iceberg of shocking events that will shake the sleeping masses Awake [remember its just the first level of Awakening] to the illusion that the world they believed in … is also FAKE.

For those who are downtrodden at the events of the last few days and in some cases have given up, KNOW that nothing is ‘out-of-order’ and the ways and means that the SELF YOU Are uses, are always Perfect. ALL IS WELL and you WILL see the ‘balance’ unfold that is the first timid breath of the Age of Peace and Light … very soon.

Remember, you are witnessing an elaborate dream of your own design manifested out of the ‘conditioning’ that also designed the body-mind-identity most call ‘me’. This too will be discovered in the second Awakening.

See my little Handbook: MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Going On” for more details.

NOTE: If you are not in the USA, the book 'is' available through Amazon in your area in eBook or soft cover

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