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There has never been a moment when you were not HOME, not Self Realized, not the God-SELF.

In night-time dreams you are able to do all manner of things you cannot do in the awake state. But the awakened state is also a dream and most everyone in humanity is doing amazing things at this very moment:

-They believe they are a ‘person’ with a body and a mind, which together they call ‘me’ or ‘I’

-They have a totally unique ‘personality’ within that identity based on things and experiences they are attached to, things and experiences they hope or expect to happen and on things and experiences they are identified with

-They believe that they were born on a specific date and time and that one day they will die

-They are not sure what comes next or if there ‘is’ a next thing after that death

-Their life is filled with anxieties and fears – large and small … many deeply hidden beneath the radar of their awareness

-They have a host of belief systems, judgments about right and wrong and many ‘codes’ [habits] that they live by … most of them unknown to their moment to moment awareness

All of these things and more are possible ‘because’ they ‘are’ GOD and can ‘make-up’ ANYTHING and then convince their God-SELF that it is Real. But the Truth is:

-If anything has a beginning and will have an ending … it is NOT Real.

You are literally GOD experiencing your Consciousness within this tiny manufactured world and your current body, perhaps suspecting but largely oblivious of your True Reality … and, you made this happen ‘on purpose’ to fully experience your SELF. On some level you are also Fully Aware of Who You Are and are watching all of this unfold.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about!

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