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‘YOU’ are the SELF [Consciousness, God]. YOU are ALWAYS YOU, but most of humanity currently believes that this YOU … this SELF must be somehow found or grown toward or qualified for, sometime in some far away future after many trials and lessons. This is a fantasy contrived by the false self or mind and believed into existence for eons.

This false self is a sheath or garment that covers the SELF’s Awareness ‘of’ IT SELF and then points to this garment as a personal identity, apart from other personal identities and from this elusive Being it calls the SELF or God or many other names for some higher intelligence and power that it imagines is separate from and above itself. All the while this illusory false self fails to recognize that beneath this costume lies the True and only Being or SELF. It is not missing nor has it ever been far away and difficult to reach. But It is the very ‘search’ for IT that keeps Attention focused on this camouflaging garment that seems to hide the SELF ‘from’ IT SELF.

To declare, ‘I AM the SELF’ is absolute Truth and redirects Attention ‘on’ Who You Really Are. This inward turn of Attention draws Awareness ‘away from’ the illusion of a personal identity, which begins to fade while expanding the Light shining on the Truth, which then rushes toward IT SELF. This is the ‘simplicity’ of Freedom.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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