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Whenever you acknowledge that you are NOT Free and that you must ‘do’ something to become Free [to find out Who You Really Are], you place Freedom out in the future where it does NOT exist.

Virtually all spiritual ‘paths’ … in some way, are trapped in this ‘endless loop’ of ‘doing to get somewhere’. Just the word ‘path’ suggests a journey in space and time [separation]. Nevertheless, the Attention on becoming Free does have ‘some’ value in that it recognizes that although you may believe you are Now and have always been Free, you are NOT experiencing Life in that way. Life is always ‘whole’, always ‘complete’ – Now, but if you are NOT experiencing this Truth, Life always ‘feels’ limited and YOU ‘as’ YOU are NOT limited.

If you say: “I am Free” like an affirmation or a mantra … this too suggests the ‘possession’ of something and what can be possessed can be taken away. You ‘are’ Freedom IT SELF, which is another way of saying you are Love IT SELF or Joy IT SELF … or simply the SELF without any description, empty, nothing yet having infinite potential to manifest as ALL THAT IS.

Attention on the SELF [I AM THAT I AM] as your ONE and only Reality allows you to more easily see whatever is ‘unlike’ the SELF, ‘exposed’ as who you are NOT. Anything … which has a beginning and an ending ‘is’ NOT Who You Are … it is unreal, and this represents virtually everything you experience in your world including your body-mind-identity. The more the false self is ‘exposed’ the more it sinks back into the SELF, which more and more becomes your ‘every’ experience.

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