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Updated: May 27, 2022


Within the Grand Dream, which is a projection on the screen of Consciousness ‘within’ the ONE SELF YOU Are, ‘anything is possible’ … that does NOT make it ‘real’.

This includes:

-manifesting any dream you choose through thoughts and passion

-healing the body and mind through a multitude of ways and means

-‘evolving’ through many dimensional levels of consciousness

-developing all manner of psychic and magical abilities … and much more.

All are ‘possible’ and DO occur ‘as’ dreams within the Grand Dream ... NONE bring you Freedom. Tasting, savoring and knowing YOUR infinite potential ‘as’ the ONE SELF] happens in these endless dreams … but, your True state is Emptiness. In Truth, there is no:

-individual you [body-mind-identity]

-sickness ‘or’ health


… or any kind of phenomena. These are dreams. REAL Freedom [the full, unbroken and seamless Knowing that YOU Are the ONE SELF ‘cannot occur’ until you know this.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

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