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What appears in your unique world, appeared in your mind and was ‘accepted’ there first - ‘as above - so below’. The world you are experiencing, on some level … you accepted in your mind first. Most have simply fallen into line with the world narrative because behaviour is used to ‘obeying’ [following] its own ‘repeated’ thoughts. Some now, are questioning this ‘normal’ process of ‘THINK - MANIFEST - OBEY -REPEAT’ and this questioning is causing ‘inner-conflict’. The ‘confusion’ that results can make one feel as though they are ‘losing their mind’. What is really happening is the mind is losing its ‘control’ over the Heart [the ONE SELF You Are].

This is what occurs when an era SHIFTS into an age of Peace and Light as is now occurring. When the traditionally accepted ‘norm’ of a dysfunctional age [such as the patriarchy now dying] that habitually manifests discord, chaos and conflict … ‘gets questioned’ - inner turmoil ‘shakes’ programmed conditioning. It ‘feels’ very disturbing but inevitably leads one’s attention ‘inward’ for answers that the world has failed to provide. Be assured … what is now transpiring is leading to a much ‘happier dream’ than you have so far experienced … and for some will lead ‘out of dreaming’ altogether.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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