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-Has the world ever been balanced?

-Has any endeavor, no matter how altruistic or well-meaning ever led to Peace that endured and existed on every level?

-Has tyranny ever been conquered through any means … and, been replaced with harmony for all?

The world/universe is a ‘playing field’ where the blocks to the awareness of Who YOU Really Are show up in a myriad of forms and circumstances. It is through identification ‘with’ these projections that awareness is distracted ‘away’ from Truth. This identification manifests a being called a person that is NOT real, who then goes on to expand this illusion deeper and deeper until the Real YOU [SELF] seems somehow ‘outside’, ‘superior’ and ‘almost unattainable’ … a God ‘separate’ from this false-self-identity called ‘me’.

When this ‘projected world’ is recognized as a ‘mirror’ of who you are NOT, the delusional ‘reactionary’ involvement in endless dramas is exposed for what is and you begin to ‘watch’ and ‘allow’ the un-real to show up and reveal itself. This is what it means when you hear: “YOU need do nothing” … and, “Peace, be Still and know the I AM that is God”. When the false self is ‘exposed’ enough, it dissolves back into this Real YOU [SELF]. Then, when you observe the world … you experience Truth, which may also be called Unconditioned Love or Peace.

-image by Solveig Larsen

“THE GREAT SHIFT – Explained”

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Sharona Setlock
Sharona Setlock
Mar 28, 2022

are you saying that there are more illusive separated forms grasping the Truth now, than ever; since this tiny mad idea took place???

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