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Attachment ‘to’ the body is not the same as ‘care of’ the body, although both occur in those that ‘sleep’ to Reality. To the sleeper, the body and the mind are considered to be ‘who they are’ … they identify ‘with’ these as the entity called ‘me’. Beyond that, in most cases, there is usually a belief in some kind of higher and separate power … “something made this world/universe and its obviously superior to this ‘me’” … they believe.

To those who are Aware that they are NOT the body or the mind [or at least suspect this is true], attachment to this entity ‘erodes’ as the search for ‘what is Real’ deepens. Nevertheless, the ‘care of’ the body as an instrument with which to navigate the dream becomes more centered. An enormous plethora of ‘ways and means’ exists and is sought out to insure that this vehicle functions as well as possible during the sojourn within the dream. This too is usually a function of the separated mind and carries with it as a result - much fear.

When one’s Awareness of Truth expands, the mind’s influence reduces and the Voice of Silence [the SELF] takes over the care of the body … whatever is Perfect for it in the moment is provided. This is the meaning of “Less is more and nothing is everything”.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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