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If you are attacked or applauded in any way by others, ‘who’ is it that is being attacked or applauded?

This is the most important question that can be asked. It matters not what the story/drama is behind the circumstance, only the question matters. Until you are Truly Free you will feel there is someone called ‘me’ that is on the receiving end. The Truth is there are no ‘others’, there is no ‘me’ and YOU are already and always Free … YOU are Freedom IT SELF. These dramas are made up, then identified with, then believed in, then experienced as real. By asking, “to whom do these dramas arise” … and then replying, “me” … then asking this powerful question, “Who am I”, the phantom recipient of all the stories and dramas of glory or villainy will scurry back into oblivion within the SELF and be no more.

This is the lightning fast route back to the full Awareness of Who You Really Are.

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