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Planning for the future, aspiring to create this or that dream, organizing a new life forward … are ALL aspects of dreaming, and that is absolutely fine ‘if’ dreaming still resonates with you. If the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow has not yet exhausted you and the stories and dramas of the Grand Dream still hold an influence in your life experience, then ‘dream on’ … you have eternity to be Free.

Recognizing this is an aspect of ‘authenticity’. It says you ‘recognize and accept’ that this is NOT the real life but that the illusion called reality by most still holds its allure and that you wish to continue playing in it for while longer. All is well, there is no agenda as God [the SELF You Really Are] DOES NOT PLAN as most believe … everything is spontaneous.

If however, you have had enough of dreaming and you long for the ‘lightness of Being’ … then Surrender awaits and offers the gentle, silent repose of ‘genuine’ Living.


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