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awake ... AND AWAKE


There is a mass ‘awakening’ occurring now that what was believed to be true is either NOT true at all or, at the very least, somehow twisted. This is the falling of manipulating veils produced by other dreamers that ‘seem’ to have been in power. However, this is NOT True Awakening but merely the uncovering of what has been hidden from most of humanity ‘within’ the Grand Dream, like revealing a deception within a movie. Its still a movie … its still a dream.

True Awakening [Realization of the God YOU Are – the SELF] is the full Awareness that what has been experienced as reality is a dream and, remaining always ‘in’ that Awareness ‘as’ the SELF.

The clandestine nature of the dream has ‘always existed’ and there have always been what ‘appears’ to be perpetrators and victims who are often totally unaware of the manipulation they are experiencing. With the advent of instant mass communication that kind of subterfuge is no longer possible as everything hidden is now rapidly being exposed. Nevertheless, its STILL … just a dream. Its ALL the ‘play’ of the SELF in the Grand Dream acting within infinite stories and dramas – there are no ‘others’ in control … its ‘just’ a dream.

This Awareness, when it is complete and unbroken ‘is’ Real Awakened Freedom.


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