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When one ‘Lives IN the dream but not OF the dream’ they have recognized their True nature ‘as’ the SELF. The SELF is also known as ‘I AM’, ‘Consciousness’ and ‘God’ as well as ‘Love’ [and many other names]. IT recognizes the dream ‘as’ IT SELF … not in the linear, objective, separated state that is the limited awareness of the false-self-identity [person]. It Loves IT SELF ‘as’ the entire world/universe and ITs capacity to Love has no boundaries.

The image of an ascetic, bland and unflinching guru-type being that has realized the SELF and therefore acknowledges nothing in the dream as ‘real’ is a common fallacy. While it ‘is’ True many realized beings may live relatively reclusive and austere lives, when they ‘do’ interact with the world, it is through a Pure, exquisite and sublimely radiant Love they Know they Are [all are]. They may appear as any other person on the street and yet experience the world totally different from most of humanity.

They are not confined or constrained in any way and play like children as a result. Joy is their constant expression and experience … they know the universe ‘as’ themselves and Love IT [despite it being a passing dream, often filled with chaos] … they Love ALL of it and in that sense it ‘is’ real. They ‘are’ Awareness IT SELF [as are ALL] but Now recognize this and that is the fundamental difference in Freedom and bondage because Awareness is Empty – Nothing and yet in ITs expression is Love … totally unconditioned Love that knows IT SELF ‘through’ and ‘as’ the grand dream.

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