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So-called ‘correct behaviour’ is a constantly changing and fundamental aspect of the Grand Dream sought after by much of humanity and yet also rebelled against by many. Survival-fear is at the root of the false self’s inclination to function ‘correctly’ in society in order to ‘fit-in’. Otherwise … it believes, there would be many road blocks to simply ‘get- by’ let alone prosper. Being accepted, seen and hopefully ‘loved’ fans these flames. For those who rebel, being seen [in ‘any’ way] motivates its fear of being invisible. The fear of dying is really the fear of NOT ‘existing’.

This dictates the endless dance on the stage of illusions that swirls, twists, rages and eventually collapses as the ‘reward’ sought-after fails to satisfy the intense urge to ‘perform’ … always, the false self’s behaviour is a performance.

The SELF ‘Lives’ each moment ‘spontaneously’, ‘freely’ and ‘joyfully’ without agendas, planning or concern for outcomes. IT ‘knows’ that everything is always in perfect accord with Truth ‘no matter’ what the appearance. To the degree that this is NOT your experience illustrates how much you are dancing to the drum-beat of the conditioning that makes up the false self.


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