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All fear is blind and underpins the entire experience the false self has … never ceasing for a moment despite, for the most part, registering beneath the radar of awareness and affecting ‘ever’ moment of its illusory existence.

The SELF knows no fear, although IT can appear that way when the survival or preservation of the body IT is using is in question. Of course It will quickly withdraw the hand that touches a hot stove-top or run from a wild animal, but this is instinct and in ITs case is NOT associated with the fear the false self experiences. IT has no identity IT is afraid of being damaged, IT has no expectations that may or may not come about and IT has no attachment to anything IT may lose.

If the body it is wearing in the dream is supposed to remain ‘intact’ then this instinct for survival and preservation will apply in a given situation. If IT is supposed to depart the body IT will simply allow that to occur. It is not unusual for a so-called sage-guru-master to deny medical treatment ‘if’ the departure of the SELF from the body is at hand. The Peace IT ‘is’, is always seamless and unbroken no matter what ‘storms’ may be swirling around IT in the Grand Dream.

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27 de jul. de 2020

"run from a wild animal" If the animal is a predator, this could get you killed. It is best to stand firm and not run,

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