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When one begins to turn within there is a common tendency to ‘try to fix’ their world [which as yet they do not know is ‘unique’ to them’]. Joining or starting ‘activist’ oriented endeavors is usual at this stage and can persist for many lifetimes [dream lifetimes]. These ones have not yet realized ‘through the heart’ that the world is a dream that manifests itself ‘precisely’ according to one’s conditioning based on the core belief in the illusion of separation. There is usually a ‘mind’ agreement in this regard but that is superficial and not enough to bring on the ‘Stillness’ that is the normal state of the genuinely FREE.

When a deeper dive occurs within, the conditioning that imprisons the ONE SELF You Really Are … is ‘faced’ through a multitude of ‘triggers’ that draw attention to what conditioning is ‘ready’ to be dissolved. Ideally, this is accomplished through Self Inquiry/Surrender [the direct route Home]. This brings on the Awareness that conflict, chaos and confusion are inevitable when the separation belief prevails.

The Truly Free are often ‘busy doing nothing’ since they ‘know’ that the radiance of the ONE SELF is the Real ‘Doer’ and accomplishes ALL Perfectly. They have become ‘conduits’ for that radiance-essence and DO without ‘doing’ … unless in any given moment they are ‘pulled’ to ‘act’. Even then, there is no attachment to the issue after the action.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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