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The world is a constant ‘storm’ of thought - manifested, and then ‘believed in’ as reality. After a while it feels ‘normal’ to navigate through the constant unbalancing gusts of wind and acceptable to experience the hurricanes and tornadoes that occasionally touch your life bringing moments of profound chaos and destruction.

The calm mind, rests Attention always and only on the still-point of Truth – You Are God [Consciousness]. It is on this screen of Consciousness that these thoughts are projected and play and dance as your servants yet have no basis in Truth at all. The calm water reflects only Truth … the SELF, which nothing can disturb in its eternal Harmony.

You ‘Are’ this Calm Presence and your focused Attention on IT as Who You Really Are ‘expands’ it into your ‘only’ experience.

-image – Never Never Creek - by Solveig Larsen

#14 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

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