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Chaos and Peace are handmaidens in the dream of separation that manifested the world/universe. It is the natural outcome of that belief and brings with it every pair of opposites that ‘seem’ to exist. The struggle for dominance by one or the other of any ‘opposite’ has never achieved anything but the briefest ‘appearance’ of the elimination of the alternate force. Freedom [not the Freedom You Are], may look as if it has been achieved after a conflict ends but the symbiotic relationship of opposites is unbreakable in the illusory world of separation and soon the tell-tale signs of ‘bondage’ returns … possibly at first as a simmering guilt about what was ‘done’ to bring about the Peace.

‘Balance’ is your natural state … call it Freedom, Peace or Un-conditioned Love, which is not ‘achieved’ but ‘revealed’ as Who You Really Are when the belief in separation has dissolved. The ephemeral, simply ‘mental’ concept of ONE-ness shrinks from a ‘mere fantasy’ and ‘expands’ into a ‘Heart-centered Knowing’ when this belief has been transmuted back into the nothing-ness of the SELF.

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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