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Not long ago in ‘clock time’ there was no Christmas Tree, no carols, no turkey dinner [vegan or otherwise]. Like all celebrations, these are stage props … made-up to act as channels for a story being told. Tied to the stories are dramas, sentiments, cheer, companionship, goodwill and the expressions of Love that the mind is capable of. Whatever way the story plays out, it cannot touch the ‘essence’, which can only be ‘Felt’.

The story sets the stage and offers this ‘essence’ an instrument to flow through, and somewhere during its telling, the garment of the story must be transcended in order to ‘feel’ the ‘essence’. This is when ‘you’ disappear and ‘become’ the ‘essence’. The beautiful sunset is a momentary stage through which the ecstasy of the ‘essence’ flows. The sunset fades but the ‘essence’ is eternal.

This ‘essence’ is the Heart of Truth and if you will allow the vulnerability this story inspires to take you over, that opening will allow the ‘essence’ of Truth to be Felt and recognized as Who You Really Are.

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