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While you linger in the Grand Dream, the ‘collective conditioning [karma]’ of humanity colors your every experience blended as it is with your own. Whatever specific conditioning that resonates with your own will be ‘accentuated’. This is why some may be seen to ‘fly ahead’ of the crowd in various areas of life expressions … or the reverse. Nothing is ‘ever’ out of place as there ‘are’ no such things as ‘victims’ … the offspring concept of the belief in ‘separation’. Everything the body experiences is predestined according to the conditioning it came into the dream with.

The so called ‘enlightened’ one [SELF], does not ‘add’ to the collective conditioning soup but does experience it through the body IT still occupies. They, however have deep compassion for the suffering of those who still believe what they are experiencing is real … and, there is no attempt to ‘awaken’ the dreamer who wishes to continue dreaming.

To those who are satiated with the dream and choose to be Truly Free, direction to the perfect source of Light according to their own unique conditioning … ‘will’ be given.

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