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The Grand Dream swirls in agony, chaos and conflict together with the endless noise of fear on the world stage. The scenes are black and white with infinite shades of gray. A lonely, shivering child huddles in a dark corner … a mirror for the sleeping mass of humanity. She is dressed in rags that slowly take on faint colors as she listens to a soft voice that gently whispers: “come off the stage … come Home, come Home”. Cautiously, she descends the stage to a dark gallery below and discovers in the shadows, ascending stairs that lead to a distant point of Light.

Trembling at the unknown but compelled by the Light, she starts to climb and as she does her garments begin to faintly shine. She stops a moment to rest and gazes down at the hapless players struggling on the stage of illusions as the cacophony rages on unabated. The burdens she carried below seem lighter now and she yearns to share what she has discovered during her climb… but she is ‘pulled’ by the now brilliant Light above and continues her ascent.

She feels lighter and lighter … the stage below only ‘vaguely familiar’ while the pull from above expands. Finally, she ‘surrenders completely’ to the powerful but loving embrace of the swelling Light, her clothing now a single raiment, shines with a beautiful radiance. And yet, somehow she knows to reach the Light she must let even this exquisite identity go … she must merge with the Light naked and empty. Now ONE with the Light, she glances at the stage far below … it is bathed ‘in’ the Light, ‘as’ the Light.

The theater of dreams drowns in her laughter as she remembers Who She Really Is.

LIFE: The Descent ‘from’ and Ascent ‘to’ the Awareness of Who’ You Really Are

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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