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Imagine that you are ‘Consciously’ at the center of the sun. From that perspective YOU ‘are’ the Light that illuminates ‘ALL”. In the same way – ‘coming “from” Freedom’ [the ONE SELF YOU Really Are] YOU experience everything ‘from’ the perspective ‘of’ SOURCE. This is NOT a metaphor but what is and has always been REAL.

Its simply a choice [in Truth choice-less]. Initially, this is a mental exercise but as you persist, the ‘Real’ begins to expand in your ‘Awareness’. Currently, the Awareness for most is as an individual entity called ‘me’ … limited, isolated and separated from ‘everything else’ [so-called]. This tiny perspective manifests an unending litany of fears … some very subtle and other full blown. As this almost universally accepted delusion persists, the yawning chasm of challenging and sorrow-filled circumstances stand before one’s observation and experience and becomes the illusion of WHAT they call ‘life’.

The Awareness ‘of’ the ONE SELF ‘as’ Who YOU Really Are – EXPANDS in the same way. It matters not that there is initial disbelief … that will fade as the Freedom/Truth/Real of IT is validated everywhere in your experience.

Image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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