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If you say: “I am Love” or “I am Free”, who is it that is saying this? If it is the body-mind-identity or person you have called ‘me’ … then it is NOT True because that entity does not exist. ‘It’ cannot somehow ‘become’ Real and exhibit the Love YOU Are just because it utters these or other similar phrases as a ceaseless mantra. The UN-real cannot become Real, it can only disappear as the false self it is.

When Jesus said: “Before Abraham was – I AM” … he was not saying a ‘person’ called Jesus existed before Abraham. He knew no such entity existed … that was only the disguise God was using to reach the sleeping masses. Just as IT/YOU is using your body-mind-identity to help wake up the slumbering God-SELF YOU Are. All your attempts to improve the false-self-identity so that it will one day ‘become’ God Consciousness are in vain because ‘you’ don’t exist. Only God or ONE exists … currently veiled by the conditioning that has sculpted this person you have called ‘me’.

It must go! This is what total surrender and Self Inquiry does - eliminate the ‘person’, NOT make this non-existent ‘you’ better. Recognizing this profound yet simple Truth will shave lifetimes off your quest for Real Freedom and bring you HOME NOW.

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The challenge that arrives seeking 'Real Freedom and bring (me) HOME NOW' you speak to is living a life as an active participant among a diverse society of souls. I do acknowledge the truth that I am a spiritual being having a human experience but, the chatter that fills the air is at times deafening. Who do I hear, the Me who is "veiled by the conditioning" or the Conscience of God ? There are times the thought of living a quiet life of solitude on a mountain top is very appealing.

I thank you for your sharing your gift.


Dec 11, 2019

John, could you give me some pointers on self - inquiry? I have been unable to do it... it feels like NOTHING happens???? Thank You 🙏🏼 Namaste

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