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Using ‘common sense’ is what most people mean by being ‘practical’.

This is a ‘learned behaviour’ by the false self and when it is tied to the basic ‘survival instinct’ such as not touching fire, it ‘is’ useful. However, the false self [body-mind-identity most call ‘me’] is a made-up entity [illusion] that comes into manifestation through the ‘conditioning’ that one comes into the dream-world with. It is a holographic projection on the screen of Consciousness through which the ONE SELF ‘knows’ IT SELF and ALL of ITs infinite potential – this is the REAL YOU.

The ONE SELF dwells in the dream-world in a myriad of disguises, ‘usually’ unconscious of Who IT Really ‘is’ and experiences the full swing between ALL opposite possibilities based on the belief in separation. None of these ‘temporary’ experiences is real. However, when one begins to realize that the world ‘is’ an illusion, together with seeking what ‘is’ Real, the desire for ‘genuine guidance’ to navigate the dream also arises. That guidance comes from the Heart through the conduit of the ‘Intuition’ and not from some ‘behavior’ called ‘common sense’, laden with conditioning as it is.

The Heart [the SELF] is not to be confused with the emotions, which are the foot soldiers of the mind or false self. They will always accentuate the world of separation and ‘not’ the ONE-ness that Reality ‘is’. Intuition ‘can’ be cultivated through an ‘inward’ focus.

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