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Control … of any kind, is a myth but is perhaps the single greatest expression of attention there is for most of humanity. This ‘always’ fear-oriented control ‘attempt’ is generated from the ‘foundational cause’ behind the manifested universe – the belief in separation. This belief extends roots into every experience within the Grand Dream most call reality and seems to validate that the Life is ‘finite’ and therefore limited in every way … including one’s existence. That means that things ‘run out’ at some point, which further seems to validate that the basics of food, shelter and clothing are likely NOT enough to go around. From this illusion the attempt to control this dilemma ensues.

To ensure that one gets ‘at least’ their share of these limited resources the attempt to control the many circumstances in Life becomes a major aspect of the false self’s tenuous existence. This is usually somewhat subtle and can manifest in such ways as the very common passive aggression or overtly through outright violent and hostile behaviour with war being its ultimate expression. None of these are Real since they are happening with the Grand Dream but as long as you [anyone] believes you are an individual person who is trying your best in a limited world experience, you WILL fear and you WILL attempt to control this experience in many ways.

The solution … as always, is to become Aware of Who You Really Are. When this occurs ALL fear dissolves, the dream vanishes as a reality and the Joy of Being simply IS.

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