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“You create your reality” is perhaps the most often quoted statement within the fantasy ‘personal development’ industry and, insofar as the Grand Dream is concerned - is absolutely true … but NOT in the way most believe.

When the slumbering God-SELF returns to another body [a dream within the Grand Dream] the destiny of that body and individual-false-self-identity is already in place. Even down to the inspirations that seem to be totally unique and so-called ‘personal’ to this separate entity most believe to be real. This is due to the ‘structure’ emanating ‘from’ the ‘conditioning’ that has been changing and formulating over eons throughout many incarnations [dream-lives]. The ‘expectations, attachments and identifications tied to memory and imagination’ that make up that conditioning … literally ‘pre-design’ that incarnation.

The mind-thought that ‘reacts’ to that unfolding destiny then ‘adds to or subtracts from’ the existing conditioning and ALL of this ‘sculpts’ the circumstances experienced in the next dream-life. In other words, the destiny combined with the reactions to it, ‘manifest’ subsequent dream-lives that most call their reality. Until one is FREE [Self Realized], this is how the dream happens. ONLY … the choice to be Free [return to the full Awareness of the God – ONE – Consciousness – SELF] YOU Are, is available and NOT predestined, as it is your only Real Purpose until it happens.


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