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Of all the mirrors that the dream world you live in reflects back to you, the one that is the most instrumental in drawing you closer into your Real SELF … is death. The sense of loss, helplessness and emptiness can collapse the most stubborn control-oriented mind, even if only temporarily until thoughts of anger, rage and even revenge can build a wall around an already cloistered heart. However, for some the very ‘act’ of allowing yourself to fully grieve can keep this blessed door open to your heart that has been gifted to you through this agonizing experience.

‘All’ experiences are orchestrated in some way to draw you HOME to Truth, but death experiences of all kinds are the most powerful. Of all the ways death can be experienced the death of your personal identity is the one that eventually must be faced and accepted. This is the only ‘real death’ [real within the grand dream that is]. It is this false-self that has usurped the throne of the God-SELF You Are and in the void of emptiness left when it finally succumbs – Truth is restored. IT was never gone, only camouflaged by the many masks worn by the body-mind-identity.

“I of myself am nothing”, is the essence of this Awareness when it comes and all that remains ’is’ the ONE and only SELF or Pure Conscious Awareness on which the entire universal dream experience has been but a flickering projection.

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