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The body-mind-identity [false self] ‘craves’ constantly, while the Real YOU [the SELF] ‘savors contrast’ but does not ‘desire’ and is never attached to experience.

The entire universal-dream is manifested for The Absolute to ‘Know’ IT SELF and experience IT SELF, which occurs through ‘contrast’ … only possible through the illusion of separation. When Pure Conscious Awareness [Who You Really Are] gets ‘trapped’ in the belief that this separation-illusion is real, the mind shows up as a separate identity and the SELF slumbers in a dream world of limitation where contrast ‘degrades’ into conflict and chaos always dominated by desire and fear.

In this state of limited Awareness ‘desire’ exists because the belief in limitation brings on the illusion of lack and a sense of not being ‘complete’. Cravings of every kind then direct the false self’s tiny existence. Within this experience of ‘bondage’ suffering and victim-hood prevail on a moment to moment basis and on some level is always simmering in the background.

When one is Free – fully Conscious of the God YOU Are, there are ‘no’ desires of any kind as the SELF Knows IT is ‘Complete-Whole-One’.

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