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Free will is ‘real’ only within the Grand Dream that the universe-world-body-mind-identity ‘is’. This is often called ‘creating your own reality’. And yet, even then … every micro-moment in clock-time ‘is’ pre-ordained – the product of the conditioning that you came in with. Every concept, vision and inspiration arises ‘from’ this ‘soup’ of attachments, expectations and identifications that came with the projected image of a personal self [a false self]. It may ‘seem’ like a new idea, but it is the child of conditioning and every moment of your existence within this illusory state ‘is’ pre-destined with One Purpose” … the remembrance that you are the ONE SELF and have forgotten.

All the great plans and schemes, every solution to the endless problems in the infinite stories and dramas that play out on the stage of dreams is orchestrated ‘precisely’ from this conditioning to bring you back to that one ‘realization’ that YOU are God … by any name - and have nothing to do or achieve that makes the slightest difference except this single recognition.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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