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There ‘is’ only ONE, despite the appearance of many. This ONE may be called Pure Conscious Awareness, SELF or many other names. IT is indivisible but when the belief in separation is present the ‘Light’ of Consciousness seems to ‘split’ into numberless parts. This phenomena [illusion or dream] is also represented by the concept of ‘dimensions’, which are only levels ‘of’ the Awareness of ONE. The less the Awareness, the so called lower the level of ‘perception’ of dimensions. The third dimension is the most commonly known with much talk about 4th and 5th dimensions in recent years.

You are NOT the body-mind-identity [a person] or the thoughts the mind generates … anything that is temporary is NOT Real … just part of the projections on the screen of Consciousness or Nothing-ness when separation is believed in. When Consciousness departs a body-mind-identity [what the false self calls death] it does not go to a so called ‘other side’ … it ‘goes’ nowhere since ONE has no distance to and from anything. The projected dream continues in a subtler body [also an illusion] and leads the dreamer to other dream experiences … all with the single purpose of Awakening to the full Awareness of the ONE IT ‘is’.

The departure from the body does not somehow bring you to Truth.

All this activity is simply dreaming ‘within’ dreams ... no matter how beautiful or so called ‘spiritual’ it may seem. The mind loves phenomena and makes these concepts of dimensions, subtle bodies and other unseen entities somehow ‘special’ … they are NOT, just another variety of dreaming but with an enormous influence to ‘distract’ you from the only purpose you are here for … the full Awareness of the God you ‘are’ as ONE.

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