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Pure Consciousness Awareness [ONE or God] is naturally ‘Balanced, Perfect, Pure, Empty’. When IT sleeps to this Truth IT believes in a concept called separation and seems to fragment IT SELF through a projection on the screen of Consciousness in a myriad of illusionary forms, which it seems to enter as IT dreams IT ‘is’ each of these individual entities … some of which are called humans. As this occurs there is a constant ‘pull’ back Home to the full Awareness of Who IT Really Is. This is called the ‘Divine Discontent’, which eventually becomes the pathless-path ‘out’ of the dream.

No matter how deep or dark the dream becomes for each splinted ‘God-entity’ this powerful ‘pull’ is always calling IT Home. IT cannot ever actually be ‘lost’ and therefore does NOT need to be ‘saved’ as has been taught for thousands of years by many belief systems … because, IT is only dreaming … no matter how ‘real’ that dream may be. IT only needs to be Awakened ‘from’ the dream to return Home.

This Awakening is in full throttle Now as countless individual sleeping God-SELVES have become and are becoming ‘aware’ that they have been dreaming. In most cases they are NOT Home yet, but they ‘are’ aware on some level that their life experience and the world they live it in ‘is’ a dream.

The error that occurs at this stage for most ‘awakening’ ones it to somehow try to ‘fix’ themselves because they have not fully comprehended that their dream body-mind is NOT real and ‘cannot’ be fixed. The direct route Home is to ‘surrender’ their dream fully to the Pure Conscious Awareness they ‘are’ and IT will shine the Light on the pathless-path ‘out of’ the dream. “Not my will but YOUR WILL be done” is one way. If you are sufficiently frustrated with the dream … your life will shift dramatically.

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