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Being Empty with infinite potential … to ‘know’ IT SELF the ONE SELF [God, Consciousness, I AM and many other names], manifested an illusion called the universe and everything within it including this tiny, limited ‘me’ most believe they are. IT descended ITs Consciousness ‘into’ the illusion in order to fully experience ‘everything’ possible from 1-59 on a swinging pendulum most refer to as good and evil [there is no light without dark]. IT is still ONE ‘appearing’ as many including ALL experiences.

So that IT would NOT be trapped forever in this Grand Dream IT manifested a Divine Discontent, an ‘itch’ IT could not scratch that would eventually turns ITs Attention inward and back to the full Awareness of Who IT Really Is. That ‘frustration’ is the endless roller coaster between happiness and sorrow that comes about as a result of the belief in separation, which most call ‘suffering’. Without it, the God You Are would be lost in the maze of dreaming for eternity.

An AMAZON #1 New Release in 45-Minute Self-Help Short Reads - by John McIntosh

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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