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The false self is constantly asking ‘HOW’. Its illusory existence is completely dictated by the belief in separation where time and space surround its limited perspective with all the ‘unknowns’ associated with linear, step by step experience. How ‘things work’ dominates its entire ‘knowledge based’ idea of every attempt it makes to ‘control’ the narrative of what it calls reality. At best, these flimsy manoeuvres manifest temporary band aids on a constantly shifting world where everything is unstable - based as it is, on one’s conditioning.

The Real YOU [SELF] lives ‘Truly’ without guidelines, plans, agendas, have-to’s or ideas of HOW things should work. The miraculous [to the false self] is ‘normal’ to the SELF as Life Lives Life spontaneously, in the moment, never tied to parameters of any kind. IT is completely vulnerable, open and in full surrender to each moment and every circumstance that unfolds within the Grand Dream that IT knows is simply a ‘projection’ on the screen of Consciousness [Who IT Really Is].

Effortlessness surrounds ITs every moment.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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