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When Truth begins to embrace the soft new nakedness of your Opening Awareness, it is common for many to begin ‘seeking’ the perfect people to associate with, the perfect settings and environments to live within, the perfect clothing to wear, the perfect food to consume … the perfect everything that will ‘speed’ and ‘protect’ the expansion of what is occurring. Besides the subtle judgment and arrogance the false self is using in these exercises while remaining hidden in plain sight, these forced choices require great effort as you must constantly be vigilant for what you ‘believe’ is right and wrong within the world-dream you are leaving.

This tendency ‘is’ rampant in the spiritual life and can easily dominate it. Life ‘lived’ naturally is effortless with choices made ‘for you’ in each moment. There is no perfect catalogue of people, places, things or conditions when you are ‘in’ the flow of emerging Truth. Every moment is NEW and, for example a food that you resonated with last week may no longer ‘feel’ right today but a month from now may again be perfect for your body. People not in your specific frequency will simply fall away … they are NOT somehow ‘less than’ you, they are simply reverberating differently … ALL are God – the ONE SELF.

Simply allow Life to Live you and the heaviness that once subjugated your every breath will dissolve. Don’t look for anything … what is yours will simply ‘show up’.

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