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Within the Grand Dream there are many laws such as, ‘The Laws of the Universe’, ‘The Law of Attraction’, ‘The Law of Karma’, a host of scientifically oriented laws such as physics and chemistry … as well as man-made laws surrounding conduct in society, which are always changing. When the slumbering God-SELF arrives back in a body and attempts to navigate in the field of dreams as an individual identity called a person … it tries to understand and follow this endless list of ‘dream-laws’. This focused attention and intense effort involved contributes significantly to keeping the dream ‘alive’.

When one has finally had enough of these imaginary requirements for existing within an illusion and surrenders into the Loving arms of the UNKNOWN, they slip into ‘Reality’ where there are NO ‘laws’ and the miraculous is the norm. Even this concept soon dissolves when they realize miracles represent their moment to moment Life experience IN the dream but not OF it.

This is beyond a cozy mental concept … it is Who You Really Are.

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