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-What are you attached to: career, home, family, car, wardrobe, body appearance, health?

… There is your jailor.

-What expectations do you harbor: relationship fidelity, love of parents, government integrity?

… There is your master.

-What do you identify with: job title, economic status, celebrity, leadership?

… There is your dictator.

No matter what sacred cow you cherish, no matter how noble the pursuit, no matter how essential, practical, normal, responsible or natural the connection may seem … they enslave you to a miniscule world that possesses only an imitation life within the mind. To the false self this is beyond ridiculous … but the false self is ‘defined’ by attachments, expectations and identifications, without which it has no existence whatever and even then, only within a dream. A dream is always a dream and never has any reality.

You are Now and timelessly the SELF [God – Consciousness – ONE] and in that Awareness the Love YOU Are that you ‘extend’ to the dream you play in ‘Awake’ is beyond anything the false self is capable of understanding. There is nothing that takes precedence over this KNOWING.

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