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A satori, epiphany or AHA is a momentary vignette [sometimes lasting days] of True Awareness … the Knowing that You ‘Are’ the ONE SELF. Everyone, even those NOT consciously pursuing the Truth, will experience these temporary and sublime events many times before they are permanently rooted back in the ONE SELF Awareness. Drugs of various kinds can artificially bring about these experiences and give the user the illusion that the continued use of the substance will bring on a permanent experience of Self Realization. Some well known [misguided] spiritual teachers advocated the use of drugs for this reason.

However the temporary removal of the blocks [conditioning] hiding the sun [ONE SELF] that drugs bring about, manifests a reliance on and often addiction to ‘outside’ means to experience Freedom. Only the total desolation of all conditioning brings on Self Realization and never some ‘physical’ instrument, which ‘itself’ is a product of the conditioning that veils the Truth.

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