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An era of Peace and Light is upon the planet and the darkness that is currently ‘spiking’ is almost finished as the ‘debris’ of the collapsed dysfunctional patriarchy is cleared away. Shocking news will soon jolt multitudes of deep sleepers awake as an unimaginable world of ‘heaven on earth’ [still a dream] soon emerges for all.

For those who are deeply focused on Truth the tendency may be to ‘embrace austerity’ and ignore the expanding abundance. However, Abundance ‘is’ another name for the ONE SELF YOU Are. It is ‘attachment and identification ‘with’ what comes and goes that causes suffering and can distract one from the inner attention on Real Freedom. If your focus requires complete denial ‘of’ illusions of the dream world … so be it.

However, it is possible to genuinely ‘Live IN the world-dream but not OF it’ … IF you allow ‘Life to Live Life’. You will be shown in every moment what is for you and what is not from the table of feasting about to appear before humanity. Simply STAY OPEN and you will KNOW.

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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