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Perhaps the most insidious aspect of Ascension is when the Conscious Awareness You Are ‘has’ Awakened but is still obscured by the archive of ‘learning’ that the mind has accumulated. The false self [body-mind-identity] has not yet been totally transformed back into nothing-ness and much faith continues to be placed on the value of acquired knowledge. This often inspires a very subtle spiritual arrogance.

True Knowing is ‘emptiness’, devoid of any ‘you-identity’. There is no archive of information and yet the knowledge available from ‘True Knowing’ is instantaneous in the moment it is needed. The death of the personal identity is the only ‘real’ death and with it comes - ‘emptiness’. When this occurs, there is a profound ‘lightness’ based on ‘being nothing’. The slate of person-hood is wiped clean and the Awareness that You Are is fully revealed. Awareness is then ‘aware’ of IT SELF as ONE … as All That Is.

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