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Updated: Mar 22, 2019


Everything, every circumstance is within ‘YOU’ … there is no ‘out there’ and this includes every concept of God. But your belief in an ‘out there’ projects it on the screen of consciousness that You Are and that becomes your experience. Thoughts + Beliefs + Passion = Manifestation. Every so-called ideal experience all the way down to every hideous experience … you produce it all! This is why you can have 'any' dream you can imagine. It seems like there are many ‘You’s’ doing the same thing, but they too are made-up by YOU and your beliefs. There is only ONE - projected through the prism of your beliefs and appearing as many.

Everywhere you hear, “still your mind”, followed by endless ways and means to so-called ‘do’ this and all taking years or lifetimes to accomplish. But the Freedom from this endless merry-go-round is only ever NOW. The choice to be Truly Free must ultimately be a NOW decision. [Part 2]

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