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Being comfortable in your dream will keep you simmering in illusions indefinitely. Of course … ‘savor’ the Beauty of Life wherever and whenever IT shows up but remain ‘alert and vigilant’ when the ‘triggers’ spike and throw you off balance. They are the missiles that bring you swiftly to the Freedom you Are.

Floating along ‘blissed-out’ chanting that ‘everything is beautiful’ while these triggers still prick away at your heart is spiritual immaturity. A positive attitude and endless affirmations cannot neutralize the conditioning that creates and ‘maintains’ your false self … this must be ‘faced - felt - embraced & transformed’.

All the annoying energies that throw you off your bliss-game are Divine messages of Love nudging and sometimes thrusting you toward the conditioning that is ready to be Transformed.

If you ‘feel’ rage for example, you don’t ‘act’ on it … you dive ‘into’ it … not the ‘story’ that brought it on. Who is currently leading a country or running an economy may be triggers but they are only stories in a dream that showed up as ‘angel-messages’ to POINT your ATTENTION toward the conditioning that has been hidden within, often for eons coloring your life experiences in a thousand different way … AND … is ready to be Transformed now.

It’s ‘always’ about YOU … NOT the story!!! GET THIS … really GET THIS and your finger-pointing will end forever.

You CANNOT receive the Truly deepest aspects of Divine assistance until you know ‘what is out there’ is ALWAYS about YOU. When you DO get this the fire of Transformation will get really hot and your Freedom races toward you.

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Jul 12, 2020

said and shared so well John

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